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hot springs hot tub reviews

This year at the beginning of Spring we noticed it was leaking. The salt system simply does not work, it does not generate the chlorine required to maintain levels, so every few days when the reading drops to 1 -2 we have to add chlorine granules. Hot Springs Spas: The Ultimate Review + Guide. For hot tub owners looking to upgrade their hot tub, the Limelight Collection provides a premium hot tub with dual FreshWater Salt and Ozone systems, colored lighting and FiberCor insulation. He did a terrible job "gluing" the plastic covering pieces back together. I am sure this can be worked out, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Additionally, there were unused holes cut into a metal mesh piece that should have been closed up upon installation. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. He came today and replaced the same fitting he has been replacing. Escondido Location. Since they came out, we are now leaking and now we have a jet leaking which they say they have to completely remove the tub, haul it to their shop (at our expense mind you) so they can work on it. While there are many differences between the two companies, one of the most prominent is the filtration system. Those looking to lower their utility costs gravitate to Hot Spring Spas because the company’s SmartJet system is specifically designed to conserve energy. In consumer reviews, many customers report trading up to a newer model after 20 years or more using their Hot Spring spa. We purchased our Envoy at cost of £14,000 and had delivered in Sept 2020. The cover was on the hot tub so we would not have noticed easily that it had turned on by itself. I am sick of being told 'some people just don't get on with it' implying that we have chosen not to like it or make the effort in maintenance. It’s nice with all the jets and the ability to adjust them to your needs. The light can change colors. Hot Spring Spas is dedicated to providing the Absolute Best Hot Ownership Experience ®, which is why all Hot Spring owners are invited to share their ratings and reviews with potential customers. Make your spa part of your daily wellness routine, you can count on it to be hot and ready when you are, for years to come. We've been getting by by topping off every few days but now it's pointless. The control panel has already been replaced 2 times …. In addition, Hot Springs Resort & Spa offers a hot tub, which will help make your Hot Springs trip additionally gratifying. Nothing relieves a long day’s worth of stress than a quiet moment in a hot tub. All Hot Spring models are certified by the California Energy Commission in accordance with the state’s energy efficiency laws. Click Here. When operational, this is a fabulous hot tub. Hot Spot Spas offer a value-priced and budget-friendly option with all of the Hot Spring’s best features — energy-efficiency, FiberCor insulation, the Freshwater Ozone System and FROG @ease in-line cartridges. It is also physically falling apart. Will look for a replacement but sadly won't be looking at Hot Springs. They’ve been in business for just over 60 years. I appreciate your feedback, and I will make sure to share it with our team. Can you tell me who your dealer is and your full name? Hot Spring Spas’ hot tubs use a variety of massage and hydrotherapy features, including rotating and directional jets, to provide owners with a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Just a few months into owning the hot tub, we started seeing pieces of what looked like chewed up styrofoam on the ground near the hot tub component access panel. Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 38 Jet Hot Tub. We spend many hours in … Hot Spring Spas has 20 hot tub models including five small tubs with three or fewer seats. I am glad to know you are enjoying your spa. I am sorry to hear that your spa is again in need of service. The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience® Hot Spring spas are consistently recognized for outstanding quality and value. The main control panel was repaired once under warranty but the second one just completely stopped working. Dedication and experience add up to unsurpassed quality and reliability for you and your family. Barry, I am sorry your second spa did not fare as well as your first. Then the pump and pipe assembly started to leak and of course the hot tub was completely out of warranty by then. I know this has been frustrating, and as a veteran spa owner, water care should not be this difficult. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hot Spring Spas? The patented Tri-X filters featured in the Highlife Collection are dishwasher safe, which makes them easier to clean. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. Our swim spa comparison chart is a helpfull resource. Rooms at Hot Springs Hotel provide air conditioning and a refrigerator, and getting online is easy, with free internet access available. Hot Spring Spas’ Ozone system with MPS and silver ions makes water care easy — tubs with this system only require weekly maintenance. The hot tub also began to turn itself on periodically. Hot Spring Spas’ hot tubs must be serviced by an authorized technician or you run the risk of voiding the warranty. Read reviews and specs at Hot Spring Spas. We paid hundreds of dollars for repairs past the warranty date with difficulty getting the repairs scheduled. We particularly liked both the Highlife Collection, and the Limelight collection. I'm surprised the whole hot tub had not collapsed on itself by now. I hope you find your perfect spa and thank you for being a long time Hot Spring Spa owner. I specifically chose a spa where we wouldn't have to do this as it irritates my skin and this has now set off my eczema requiring steroid cream from the doctor. We have now discovered that mouse tunnels run through the insulation all around the hot tub. We bought this almost 5 years ago. We moved after having that tub about 15-16 years. Hot Spring Spas has 20 hot tub models including five small tubs with three or fewer seats. Depending on the amount of use, the company recommends that you drain and refill your hot tub three to four times per year. Things were fine the first few years then lots of little things started failing. The controls are easy to use. Their hot tubs utilize directional water jets and hydro-massage capabilities. The pricing breakdown puts entry-level tubs at up to $7000, mid-range between $9000 and $11,000 and premium upward of $13,000. Dedication and experience add up to unsurpassed quality and reliability for you and your family. The salt system doesn't work worth a nickel. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Is still used 2-3 times weekly. The LED light assemblies in the Tempo, Relay and Rhythm models also come with a two-year warranty. It’s important to rinse out hot tub filters once a month to avoid any clogging. Their spa pricing model is pretty similar to the Jacuzzi hot tubs pricing model, as their low end starts at about $6,000 and their high end runs up to about $14,000.. All the spa models have energy-saving features, including dimmable lighting and SmartJet controls that let you direct power to only the jets you want to use. I called in for service in September and was told the guy would be out in two weeks. Initially, we had problems with the hot tub's control panels. Made in the U.S., Master Spas’ hot tubs offer a good mix of unique … You’ll love the soft water!!! © That, along with its variety of models and energy-saving features, makes it a manufacturer of some of the best hot tubs you can buy, though the pricing information on its website is a little confusing. Called for service and got a next day appointment. Hot Spring said, "Too bad, warranty had expired." Eventually they have replaced the salt controller but it has made absolutely no difference whatsoever, the chlorine levels drop every 2-3 days consistently even though it doesn't have heavy use and we regularly clean the filters. 2 - Precision® Jet Cluster This powerful cluster of Directional Precision® jets work together to relieve tension in your back, neck and calves. We had not removed the component covering previously so clearly it was done haphazardly from installation. They replaced a part and had to order parts so they can replace the docking station and the remote AGAIN. The first year was fantastic. Made in the USA, this 3-person hot tub features an … We did enjoy the spa, just wish it lasted longer, was better constructed for outdoor use, and a botched repair didn't allow Mouse and Snake City to take place. Just plain awful. The company recommends you perform a deep clean every three to four months. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Appalling product for a high cost. I purchased a hot tub 4 years ago. The buying experience was good, good delivery and set up, and I've really liked the spa right up until it stopped working. New York, Entry-level Hot Spot Spas from Hot Spring start at $6,999 for a two- or three-person hot tub. Initial installation was almost $10K for the hot tub, power source installation, and concrete pad construction. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Some spa manufacturers churn out the most basic spa models they possibly can to rack in extra dough while some spa manufacturers make it a goal to break boundaries of design and technology. 6.5 years for an expensive hot tub like this is extremely disappointing. We started to use the hot tub more often including in the early evenings after we got home from work or on weekends during the day. Founded in One of the largest selling brand of spas, Hot Spring spas are made by Watkins Manufacturing, and is based in San Diego, Ca. We love the Hot Spring Spas and are happy with our 2nd spa the Vanguard. If you would prefer a more affordable hot tub, check out Master Spas Hot Tubs - Hot Spring is better suited to premium models. Their spa Deck Designer tool is a lot of fun to play with, on their website. Ten of the 20 models seat four to six people, and the remaining five seat six or more. We are experienced hot tub owners having run 2 hots tubs previously for 12-14 years without any issues whatsoever. NY 10036. Hot Springs sits under the Watkins Company tree, which is actually the same company that Caldera Spas lies under. We have had nothing but problems since we bought it. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. It’s easy to maintain and has a great warranty. Delivering great value, Hot Spot spas are designed to provide you with a relaxing retreat at a price you can afford. All of the company’s tubs are certified by the California Energy Commission and SpaSearch. Hot Spring spas are currently some of the best on the market. We are continuously working to provide a wonderful hot tub experience. Make your spa part of your daily wellness routine, you can count on it to be hot and ready when you are, for years to come. The Limelight Collection and Highlife Collection come with a seven-year warranty on the no-leak shell and a five-year warranty on components and Everwood cabinet material. The jets go the entire length of your back. The best versions of it give you the perfect space to entertain and unwind. What do I have to to do to get this fixed. Get the best reviews, product advice, news and more! It is pretty disgusting to be honest. Hot Springs makes use of a saltwater system, making it very easy to clean. The exclusive Hot Spring Spa Moto-Massage is like no other, and the lights add to the relaxing ambiance. “Hot Spring can't get parts for their hot tubs.” Written on: 02/03/2016 by LilyanaKearns456 (1 review written) I purchased a Hot Spring "Hot Spot Stride sn STD1P3023" in the summer of 2012. All Rights Reserved. 2nd Hot Spring Spa We have owned. I am sorry to hear it has been disappointing. I want to help. Find accessories, including replacement covers, cover lifters and furniture, on its website. This company is not yet accredited. Limelight ® Collection spas feature FiberCor ® insulation, which is provides 4 times denser than standard ½ lb. It covers hot tubs of all sizes but has an unusually generous amount of small and mid-size models, making it great if you're dealing with compact spaces. ENERGY EFFICIENCY. This is totally ridiculous! Aside from size, the models are also split into three product lines. After spending months and months reading about hot tubs and going to dealers, we finally decided to buy the HotSpot Relay. There’s room for everyone in the Rhythm, with seating for 7 and 35 powerful jets located in targeted groups in various seats. foam. I got the easy cover that is on a frame and lifts to one end. Now we are being told it may be a phosphate problem. Hot Spring spas and hot tubs have been manufactured in Vista, California, by Watkins Wellness since 1977. Hot Spring has 11 jet types, including the Moto-Massage DX, which uses two simultaneous streams of water that sweep up and down your back. The Hot Spring brand name was first established in 1977, many years after the Jacuzzi brand had already made its mark. Pitiful... Read the other 1-star reviews and mine is nearly identical. While this offers a good variety, Hot Spring does not offer the same level of customization as Bullfrog Spas hot tubs. Maybe ours is a freak, except for a part which is no longer made that we replaced this week, the unit continues to work flawlessly. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Having an easy way to remove and replace your cover will help you use your hot tub more often and will increase the lifespan of your cover. I sit in my hot tub every night and haven’t had any problems at all. I had to call and follow up several times to get that resolved. This hot tub is NOT easily repaired and the tech had to cut through a permanent plastic covering to get to the broken component and leak area. Josh Michels of Backyard Leisure gives us an overview of the HotSpring Envoy Hot Tub. Thank you for taking the time to share your spa experience. He was supposed to replace the hot tub cover that I paid for too but said he brought the wrong one. The heater hadn't been working properly and the hot tub's insulated innards had become a popular haven for mice and snakes. They only came out fast because I called Hot Springs directly and complained. The company also offers saltwater systems and energy-efficient models. We have spent more time on this than any other hot tub which has detracted significantly from it being a pleasure to own, we seem to have bought a lemon! The thin wood trim underneath the hot tub overhang started to rot and provided other entrances for mice and snakes. I would love to be able to attach photos. The middle line is the Limelight, and the Highlife line has the manufacturer’s top of the line products. 2402 Auto Park Way Escondido, CA 92029 See Showroom Get Directions Phone: 760-745-7727. After we moved it was a no brainer to spend the extra money to get another Hot Spring (smaller one). I am sorry the last 2 yrs ended the way it did. Unsubscribe at any time. Very poor customer service. This is completely ridiculous. Major failure of "infrastructure" at 6.5 years? Once drained, you can clean the spa shell. Hot Springs doesn't need to respond to this review as there's nothing to resolve at this point. Hotspring Spas – Owned by Watkins Wellness brands, Hotspring Spas continues to be one of the biggest and top performing hot tub brands in the world. If you have any additional questions contact us or contact your local Hot Spring Dealer. They said we "might" get it back by January. Let me start by saying we did enjoy our Hot Springs Prodigy hot tub for the first 10 years of ownership starting in 2006. The seating is very comfortable. FAQ. Will not buy nor recommend Hot Spring hot tubs. Best hot tub I’ve ever owned! Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Jacuzzi manufactures hot tubs and other spa products, including bathtubs and showers. Please know after 6+ years, we have made innovative changes and updates to our spas. Sitting outside under the stars on a clear night while in the hot tub was just wonderful. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Entry-level Hot Spot Spas from Hot Spring start at $6,999 for a two- or three-person hot tub. This is also broken down into a dollar sign system, where an amount of dollar signs between one and five indicates the price bracket of the product. That electrical component problem was resolved for another several hundred dollars as the hot tub was out of warranty. I got mine in Denver and the dealer is very easy to work with. How much is a 2-person hot tub? However, after a year or so the hot tub began having problems but was covered under warranty. You will receive a verification email shortly. Your spa operation and enjoyment are important to us. Jacuzzi is a brand of hot tub. When creating our Hot Spring Hot Tubs review we discovered it was one of the only hot tub brands that offers a salt water sanitation system. Be the first one to find this review helpful. Unsubscribe easily. It was the big one that was the shape of a dog bowl. The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience® Hot Spring spas are consistently recognized for outstanding quality and value. We had one cell replaced under warranty, but as the warranty is only 12 months the replacement is now also not working. Download our latest hot tub buyers guide, get quotes, and questions answered. Don't rule it out if you're looking for a more spacious hot tub though, as Hot Spring covers all bases, and still offers the salt water sanitation across the range. Hot Spot Spas come with a five-year warranty on their no-leak shell and a two-year warranty on components, including the MotoMassage jet and no-fault heater. Compared to Caldera Spas, Hot Springs manufacturers very traditional-style spas. Hot Spring has 20 spa models that give you all the benefits of hydrotherapy but in smaller and more eco-conscious models, making it the perfect hot tub provider if you've got less space. We removed the panel and found mouse droppings, a huge mouse nest with a pile of stored acorns, and a snake skin. It has sadly been one big disappointment. The customer service at Watkins Wellness, the manufacturer, is non-existent. The last time someone came I was told they were going to replace all the parts in it and we waited for two months for the parts. A link has directed you to this review. Master Spas: Best value hot tubs. At year 6 it started leaking. HotSpring Hot Tubs & Spas 10860 Hickman Rd Clive, IA 50325 (515) 270-8702 . And it’s easy to do, because Hot Spring makes quality hot tubs that are built to last and deliver an excellent customer experience. Now, 2/29/2016, I've been waiting for months for a replacement for a defective (but out of warranty)control panel and can't even get an ETA on the part. Any hot tub owner knows that it takes up a considerable amount of time and patience to balance water in a hot tub. Hot Spring’s portable saltwater hot tubs include soothing massage features and a variety of jet options. By Rebecca Armstrong 07 March 2019 They started as a company that made fibreglass … For more information about reviews on please visit our Never again am I going to buy anything made by Watkins! We value your privacy. 30 reviews of Hot Spring Spas - San Jose "Bought a Tiger River Sumatran from these guys four and a half years ago. The set up was not done properly and we did not receive the required instructions. Hot Spring Spa offers three collections of hot tubs: Hot Spot Spas, the Limelight Collection and the Highlife Collection. More common directional and rotating jets are available as well, though not all jets types are available in all spa models. Hot Spring Spa Prices Hot Spring offers a variety of models, from smaller tubs with … Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Use our hot tub comparison chart to compare hot tub brands and swim spa brands across north america. HotSpring faired very well in our review. There is only one authorized dealer within 100 miles of us and they SUCK. Then, in 2018, a nearby lightning strike rendered the hot tub's motherboard inoperable. Choose a Hot Spot spa for quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency, easy water care, and peace of mind that you are backed by a brand you can trust – Hot Spring Spas. Whilst the Hot Tub and service at Hotspring's is great and we are really pleased with it, the Ace Water Care system is a real disappointment and an expensive mistake. Hot Spring Spas breaks the pricing structure into entry-level, value-priced, premium and luxury hot tubs. It was over $500 for the botched visit and then another couple hundred dollars for the followup visit when other parts were needed and should have been diagnosed initially. The lower-priced tubs are in the Hot Spot range. One set of jets massages your back. Are you looking to unwind and relax at home? My husband and I are both disabled Veterans and this hot tub is great therapy for us.

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